The project´s name comes from summing words "binary" and "art". Binary means the computer´s main language, the binary system; the communication chanel, which makes people get in contact with digitalized abstract world. Computer in art is used from the 60´s from Nicolas Schöffer to Nam June Paik. But for me, computer is not a medium, but a tool, which filter and recreate the reality, like a mobile phone, or digital camera. Analog cognition is decomposed into datamatrix of bits and bytes. My purpose is to make contemporary art folows this trend, create today´s art with today´s tools.


"Objective" art

On the one hand, sculpture is a non-functional object, on the other hand it is cast of "objects". In that case "object" means every 3D hulls like a glass of water, or a shape of a person. Sculptor´s purpose to form these expanses, rewrite it accordingly the scale of prsesent.
Starting point of the association is an object (eg mobile phone), but the final figure is absolutly abstracted: an object-sculpture. This methode is a reaction of the demysticizm of present, whereas try to keep away the classical manners (eg pop, concept). We sense, what we see (closing to minimal), but the sculpture wants to fancy, like the "real" objects does. These object´s material are mainly classical (bronze) and modern (plexi) in the same time, continuing past and representing the future.


New icons

I have been interested in representing human being for many years, with my sculptural method. I focused on the citizen living; everyday stories, life situations, communication, relations. These works illustrate this word like icons, the ordinary people´s extraordinary stories, or we could say: "human being". These sculptures are some kind of icons, so it has need serious abstraction. Figures free from any irrelevant matter appearing in space like static points, connectional points. And there is the space, spaces of everyday. These created by Plexiglas planes, witch are associating labyrinths. The figures appear in this situation like searching their ways. The viewer slowly recognizing, that these walls are transparent, but impenetrable, so determinate figure´s ways.